The Implementation of Problem Based Learning Model in Teaching ‎English at SMPN 2 Balong Ponorogo

Huda, Muhammad Khoirul (2023) The Implementation of Problem Based Learning Model in Teaching ‎English at SMPN 2 Balong Ponorogo. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, IAIN Ponorogo.

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HUDA, MUHAMMAD KHOIRUL. H, 2023. The Implementation of Problem Based Learning ‎Model in Teaching English at SMPN 2 Balong Ponorogo. Thesis, English Education ‎Department, Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty, State Institute for Islamic Studies ‎of Ponorogo. Advisor Fenty Andriani, M.Pd.‎
Keyword: Teaching English, Problem Based Learnig.‎
Problem Based Learning is a teaching model that is suitable for pedagogic activities. In ‎this model, the students are required to be active in communicating pedagogical activities. By ‎applying this model, students can express their opinions and their ideas. Problem Based Learning ‎asks the teacher to act as a coach or facilitator of activities that are carried out by the students. ‎The teacher does not easy to present information or directly control the learning process. Instead, ‎the teacher provides the students with the appropriate problems to work on in the learning ‎process, assists them in identifying material, and gives feedback and support during the problems ‎solving process.‎
The purpose of this research is (1) To describe the implementation of Problem Based ‎Learning model in teaching English at SMPN 2 Balong Ponorogo. (2) To describe the students’ ‎responses toward the implementation of Problem Based Learning model in teaching English at ‎SMPN 2 Balong Ponorogo.‎
This study used a qualitative approach and qualitative descriptive design to explore and ‎understand the problems in a real-life environment at SMPN 2 Balong Ponorogo. In this study, ‎the researcher explores the phenomenon directly at SMPN 2 Balong Ponorogo, then uses a ‎variety of data from observation, interview, documentation, and questionnaire, then the ‎researcher summarizes all the data taken.‎
The result of the research showed that (1) The implementation of Problem Based ‎Learning Model in Teaching English at SMPN 2 Balong Ponorogo is effective due to the ‎demand of Curriculum 2013, which requires teachers to use the scientific approach. It has ‎advantages such as students becoming more active, more courageous to speak, and ‎communicative with one another. The steps in implementing the model are categorized into five ‎steps: orienting students through questions, organizing them for study, assisting them in their ‎investigation, developing and asking them to display their work in written reports, and analysing ‎the results of the problem-solving process. (2) The students’ responses toward the implementation ‎of problem-based learning ‎model in teaching English were positive. In the interview section, ‎students stated that the learning process is fun, everyone becomes active in the learning process, ‎and they can understand the material. In the questionnaire section, most of the students agreed to ‎the positive statement that has been given by the researcher about their responses to the ‎implementation of the model. Based on the researcher's direct observation, students become ‎active in learning process and confident to speak in English, and they enjoy the learning process. ‎Overall, the students' cognitive, affective, and conative responses to the model were positive.‎

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate (S1))
Thesis Supervisor: Fenty Andriani
Subjects: 13 EDUCATION > 1399 Other Education > 139999 Education not elsewhere classified
Divisions: Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah dan Keguruan > Jurusan Tadris Bahasa Inggris
Depositing User: Miss Perpustakaan IAIN Ponorogo
Date Deposited: 08 Mar 2023 07:44
Last Modified: 08 Mar 2023 07:44

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