Syntactic Analysis on Sentence Patterns in "Bahasa Inggris" Text Book for Senior High School

Pamungkas, Alvian Catur (2020) Syntactic Analysis on Sentence Patterns in "Bahasa Inggris" Text Book for Senior High School. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, IAIN Ponorogo.


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PAMUNGKAS, ALVIAN CATUR. 2020. Syntactic Analysis on Sentence Pattern in ‘Bahasa Inggris’ Textbook for Senior High School. Thesis, English Education Department, Tarbiyah and Teachers Training Faculty, State Institute for Islamic Studies of Ponorogo. Advisor Winantu Kurnianingtyas Sri Agung, S.S, M.Hum.
Keywords: syntactic analysis, sentence pattern, and textbook
Sentence can be considered as the most complex part of the language. A sentence had a particular pattern which showed that the sentence was meaningful. Sentence pattern can be analyzed using syntactic analysis. Syntactic analysis is the process of breaking down the sentence into its constituents.
The purposes of this research were to find out the sentence patterns used in the written text of ‘Bahasa Inggris’ textbook, and the dominant sentence pattern used in the book. It also can develop English material in senior high school. This research uses Bas Aarts’ theory.
This research applied qualitative research and used descriptive qualitative design. This research took 9 chapters of the book entitled ‘Bahasa Inggris’ for tenth-grade senior high school. The sample were 12 written texts in 9 chapters. Because this research was a content analysis research, the data were collected through documentation. The researcher took the data from the complex sentences in the written text. To analyze the data, the researcher used the tree diagram proposed by Bas Aarts. The researcher read and learned the data carefully, and broke down the constituents of the sentence through the tree diagram. According to Bas Aarts, tree diagram was a visual representation of a hierarchical linguistic structure.
After breaking down the constituents by using tree diagram, the researcher marked the main characteristic of sentences to decide the sentence types. The results of the research showed that there were 18 similar sentence patterns of complex sentence in the written text, they were (1) Pron/N + V + NP + Sub C, (2) Pron + V + Sub C, (3) Pron/N + Sub C + V + VP, (4) N + Aux + Adv + V + Sub C, (5) N + Sub C + V + Adj/Adv, (6) NP + Adj/Adv + Aux + V + Adv + Sub C, (7) Pron/N + Aux + V + Adv + Sub C, (8) Sub C + Pron/N + V + Adv, (9) Sub C + N + Adj + V + Adj, (10) Adv + N + Aux + V + NP + Sub C, (11) Pron/N + V + Adv + Sub C, (12) Pron/N + V + CC + V + Adv + Sub C, (13) Pron/N + Aux + Spec + V + NP + Sub C, (14) Sub C + N + V + Sub C, (15) Pron + V + Sub C + Sub C, (16) N + V + NP + Adv + Sub C, (17) Adv + Pron/N + V + Sub C, (18) N + Adv + V + NP + Sub C. There were 9 sentences in pattern 1, 5 sentences in pattern 2, 1 sentence in pattern 3, 5 sentences in pattern 4, 2 sentences in pattern 5, 1 sentence in pattern 6, 4 sentences pattern 7, 4 sentences in pattern 8, 1 sentence in pattern 9, 2 sentences in pattern 10, 1 sentence in pattern 11, 1 sentence in pattern 12, 1 sentence in pattern 13, 1 sentence in pattern 14, 1 sentence in pattern 15, 1 sentence in pattern 16, 1 sentence in pattern 17, and 1 sentence in pattern 18.
It could be concluded that there were 18 different complex sentence patterns used in the written text of “Bahasa Inggris” textbook. The dominant sentence pattern was pattern 1 with the total of 9 sentences from total complex sentences. It is important for the teacher to optimize the students learning program to develop their knowledge in sentence construction, or sentence pattern because the students indirectly studied about the sentence construction from the book.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate (S1))
Thesis Supervisor: Winantu Kurnianingtyas Sri Agung
Subjects: 13 EDUCATION > 1399 Other Education > 139999 Education not elsewhere classified
Divisions: Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah dan Keguruan > Jurusan Tadris Bahasa Inggris
Depositing User: Miss Perpustakaan IAIN Ponorogo
Date Deposited: 09 Dec 2020 15:59
Last Modified: 09 Dec 2020 15:59

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